Flexibility, sustainability and customer centricity: global parcelling solutions to meet every need
Swire Bulk’s global parcelling division focuses on carrying various combinations of bulk and breakbulk cargoes. We use a young interchangeable fleet of about 150 vessels from the handysize to supra/ultramax/panamax sectors, offering customers a good range of vessels to choose from.

Located in London, Shanghai, Sydney, and Vancouver, our parcelling offices are staffed by dedicated and highly-experienced commercial and operational teams, as well as port captains.

We focus on niche industrial sectors where we can grow established relationships with traditional bulk charterers and develop new relations with unitised parcel focused customers. Our commonly carried cargoes include bulk and bagged industrial commodities, steel and machinery products, forestry products, and project cargoes.

When our customers come to us, they know that they have a comprehensive range of flexible freight solutions that they can choose from, and that they can rely on us to deliver service that is safe and sustainable.

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