Say hello to all our all-female cast at Swire Shipping’s Alotau branch comprising Nancy Mamonda (branch manager), Ida Naisoroa (agency supervisor), Aida Eminoni (port agents and logistics) and Joyce Abani (office assistant).

“We opened the office in August 2016 under Swire Shipping’s own banner. Fast forward to what we are now, we believe this is the first, all-female office in the Swire Shipping network,” said Alistair Skingley, country manager. “We are proud of the team for their leadership, passion and care for our customers and other stakeholders.”

Nancy joined the team in 2012 and recently was one of the first of the PNG team to complete the joint Steamships and Swire Shipping Team Leader Development Programme (TLDP). Ida came on board in 2014 and Aida earlier this year from Consort Express Lines.

“I was able to apply what I learnt from the TLDP when we took over Consort Express Lines liner agency work at the beginning of the year without increasing headcount. I also worked towards building a strong and efficient team. Year todate, we have now handled over 30 vessels representing Swire Shipping, Consort Express Lines, Puma Energy, as well as other third-party vessels,” said Nancy. The team regularly receives compliments from customers and shipping lines for great service.