San Win decided on sailing as a career as he could visit as many countries and learn about their cultures. In deciding to be one, his best friend’s views also played an important part. San Win recalled: “He told me that seafaring can help to create a better life for me and my family. That was why I decided to become a seafarer.”

When he boarded his first vessel, he initially found it challenging to understand some accents. Over time, he acquired better understanding.

A memorable experience for him was in the driving of the crane. “I was glad that the Bosun taught me how to. I’m really thankful.”

Sailing to Alasaka was another memorable experience for him. He sailed with MV Tsingtao. “It felt that the place was shrouded in secrecy. But it was so peaceful and beautiful. I would never forget this first voyage of mine.”

San Win, who enjoys playing badminton and football, says he’s proud to be a seafarer because of the role shipping plays in the essential movement of cargo; which has become even more important during the COVID19 pandemic.