Kila Ebenia works as Bosun onboard Highland Chief and says that his brother was his biggest influencer in becoming a seafarer.

Kila became a seafarer 24 years ago. Describing it as “a joyful feeling of a dream came true”, he has since travelled to more than 20 countries todate. Of these, he liked Australia best. “It’s beautiful and it’s multicultural.”

Becoming a bosun on board a vessel more than 200m long has prepared him to work on a bigger vessel. “I am able to put my knowledge to good use.”

During his free time, Kila enjoys listening to stories shared by other crew members. “Because we come from such diverse backgrounds, I have learnt a lot about different cultures and religion,” he said. His other hobbies include reading and watching videos.

For anyone who wants to be a seafarer, respect for others is very important, says Kila. Similiarly, learning how to work in a team is important. “With everyone knowing their respective roles, it contributes to overall voyage success and safety.”

Kila is proud to be a seafarer because it has enabled him to provide for his family comprising his wife and two children. It also gives him pride that he is contributing to the global movement of trade and cargo.