Nudging towards a prosperous future: CNCo colleague participates in global SD challenge

Creating lasting impact and helping to take CNCO’s sustainability journey forward. These were the primary reasons why Tom Spearman, Assistant Capacity Manager (Trades), decided to participate in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, an online personal development programme taking place from October 2020 to next April. The programme focuses on leadership, sustainability and impact creation.


The theme for this year is Prosperity For All, where inequalities in the world are reduced, and education, healthcare and basic human rights such as clean water and sanitation are accessible for everyone. These endeavours, say the organisers, “… must be done within the planetary boundaries. The ‘all’ have to include future generations and all species that are dependent on, and crucial for, our planet’s ecosystem.”

Tom, who is passionate about sustainability, said: “I’ll learn about creating impact and drafting a plan for a project that will help CNCo achieve these goals. I’ll be working together with coaches, guides, trainers, experienced sustainability leaders, peers, and the Nudge team to realise the impact plan, and to work on my personal development as a leader in sustainability.”

He added: “My personal impact plan will be based around my future role as Sales and Marketing Manager in PNG, focussing on incorporating “prosperity for all” into my work in Papua New Guinea. I’m really looking forward to taking part actively in the Challenge!”.

Tom, who is currently based in Sydney, Australia, is the sole CNCo representative in the Challenge. For more information, please see here.