Our Communities: Supporting Seafarers Worldwide


We believe in doing right by our communities and investing in worthy causes. We support charities and community organisations as well as our employees in need. Our support for the communities focuses on Education, Community, Health, Youth, Environment and Biodiversity. We are committed to establishing long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with our partners and our communities.

Supporting Seafarers Worldwide

We have a long-term partnership with both The Mission to Seafarers and The Sailors’ Society who are caring for and supporting seafarers of all races, religions and ranks around the world. This support is provided through fundraising events and other collaborations.

CNCo also provides ongoing support to the ASSM Dependent’s Association (ASSMDA), an independent, not-for-profit association in the Philippines formed by the partners and relatives of our Filipino seafarers. ASSMDA provides voluntary assistance and social support to the seafarers’ families in times of need and aims to improve their livelihoods through organising value-added social activities.


Above: Her Royal Highness Princess Anne visits Singapore in support of The Mission to Seafarers.