Organisational Profile


The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd. is the wholly owned deep-sea ship-owning and operating arm – and oldest operational entity – of the Swire group.

Organisational profile

CNCo was founded in 1872 to operate Mississippi-style paddle-steamers on China’s Yangtze River. Since then the company has expanded globally, while its primary operational focus remains in the Asia-Pacific region. Headquartered in Singapore, it is one of the oldest independent British shipping companies still managing its own tonnage in-house. The Company operates a global network of multipurpose liner, dry bulk and bulk logistics services through its three business divisions: Swire Bulk, Swire Bulk Logistics and Swire Shipping.

Swire Shipping operates liner trades in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America and the island nations of the South Pacific, in addition to providing services to India, the Middle-East and Europe. Swire Shipping operates a versatile fleet of multipurpose ships capable of carrying containerised, refrigerated, project, breakbulk and heavy-lift cargoes.

Swire Bulk operates from five locations - Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne, San Francisco and London, focusing on the global handysize market. Despite the challenging trading conditions, CNCo takes a long term view of growing our business and has invested in a newbuilding programme to renew and expand its fleet. By the end of 2016, Swire Bulk will own 24 modern Swire B.Delta39 handy bulk carriers and four Imabari38 loggers.

Swire Bulk Logistics is the industrial shipping division of CNCo. Deploying purpose built vessels, Swire Bulk Logistics specialises in the handling of dry bulk materials at sea, predominantly through floating transhipment vessels and intermediate supply chain solutions, to provide value added services for our customers in Asia Pacific.

Together with Swire Bulk and Swire Shipping, the division offers a global network of experience to provide innovative and sustainable marine supply chain solutions for our customers through long-term partnerships.

Headquartered in Singapore, CNCo is one of the oldest independent British shipping companies still managing its own tonnage in-house.

The China Navigation Company Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore registered company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The China Navigation Company Limited, registered in London. Neither company is publicly quoted on any stock exchange. As can be seen from the Organisational and Operational Boundaries diagram (see page 5), The China Navigation Company Limited is also the parent company of the Swire Shipping agency companies in Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Caledonia, New Zealand, and Taiwan. It has 50% shares in both Polynesia Shipping Services Limited and Swire CTM Bulk Logistics Limited, a joint venture with C Transport Maritime SAM registered in Monaco, a 25% share in Mandarin Shipping Limited registered in Hong Kong and is a joint managing shareholder, with Ahrenkiel Shipping, of Quadrant Pacific Ltd.

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