Drugs & Alcohol Policy

The China Navigation Company (CNCo) has adopted the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) joint Guidelines for the control of drugs and alcohol on board ship.

To this context CNCo will:

  • Ensure all seafarers on CNCo’s ships, in their pre-employment and routine medical checks, are screened for alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Participate in the Lloyds Register/Medscreen Drug and Alcohol certification programme which involves post incident “for cause”, and random drugs and alcohol testing.
  • Prohibit the misuse of prescribed drugs, or the use, possession, trafficking, or sale of illicit or un-prescribed controlled drugs on board CNCo ships.
  • Dismiss instantly any person in breach of its policy on drugs. Similarly, any breach of the policy relating to alcohol abuse will result in disciplinary action, which may extend to dismissal.
  • Control the sale of alcohol consumed on board by only allowing purchases to be made from the Master’s bond and prohibiting bringing on board its ships alcohol obtained ashore.
  • CNCo will ensure compliance with this Policy by:
    • Prohibiting any seafarer from navigating or operating any ship’s equipment whilst his judgement is impaired by alcohol or reporting for duty an intoxicated state with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 25mg/100ml or the equivalent Urine Alcohol Content (UAC) of 33mg/100ml.
    • Prohibiting any seafarer from having a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) exceeding 80mg/100ml or the equivalent Urine Alcohol Content (UAC) of 106mg/100ml whilst  on board but not on duty or at work.
    • Prohibiting the consumption of alcohol for a period of 4 hours prior to any scheduled duty or work period.
    • Limiting the consumption of alcohol to three (3) units for male and two (2) units for female seafarers in any 24-hour period.
    • Restricting the consumption of alcohol on board ship to the ship’s Bar, Lounge, Mess Rooms or other common areas.
    • Limiting bond sales of alcohol to officers and crew to beer only. Spirits and wine will only be available for consumption in measured units from the ship’s Bar.
    • Encouraging the consumption of alcohol-free drinks and low alcohol beer.


James Woodrow

Managing Director